Delivering in the early years of Phylon Media

With early clients like the Magic Johnson Foundation, Hoods to Woods Foundation, Nike and Live and Direct, Phylon Media has a reputation of delivering in any and all circumstances.

Delivering content for over 20 years

Phylon Media also has delivered on the branding side for clients looking to get specific messages out.  Past clients include record labels, movie studios, websites and a host of other platforms that clients are looking to deliver messages.

Content deliverance that helps you grow

We take what you have and we run with it adding to the value of the original idea.

Brand Jordan

J Records

Eminem's NYC debut

March 1999, two young MC's are introduced to NYC.  Slim Shady and Royce da 5'9" made their debut and Phylon Media was there.

the Nike Experience

The Nike Experience is a corporate event promoting the lifestyle as well as philantrophy in southern communities.

MJ promotes his last album

In a rare NYC Times Square appearance, the King of Pop lets his fans inside.

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