RIDE Snowboards

A Look at RIDE's Killer Snowboard Line-Up

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Testing out RIDE snowboards on a powder day in Steamboat is pretty fun.

The notion that the RIDE Mountain Pig was 
influenced by NASA scientists is not far fetched
after riding the device and feeling its charging power.


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Anna Taylor.

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Daniel Johnson

Kurtis Jackson Gives Us
The RunDown on RIDE

In our first story, we connect with vetern snowboarder and surfer @kcarrrl who gives us a complete breackdown of The RIDE Berzerker, RIDE Mountain Pig and RIDE Burnout. Kurtis Jackson has been riding the mountain for quite some time growing up in Steamboat and riding his entire life.

First off, my winter board of choice would be the RIDE Mountain Pig. This board is not for the faint of heart. It definitely thrives on those big deep days on big mountain riding. But believe it or not, you can take it in the halfpipe, park, jumps. It's a little clangy on rails, but it pretty much kills anything in front of it. A directional board, three quarter inch set back, its good a little more stiffness in the tail.

RIDE Snowboards


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