Phylon Media is a production company that began its humble start 10 years ago in the heart of Times Square NYC. Founded by former MSNBC employees, these young men were well established in their field and went on to form their own brand that included some of America’s most successful media businesses. Phylon Media is composed of creative professionals with years of experience in show development, creative services, large- scale production, editing and various new media methods. Our editors were trained at some of the best production facilities producing high quality production. All production work ranging from television, the internet, or portable devices hold the same high standard Grade-A quality and professionalism.


SINCE 1908

Our Clients

Since 1998, Phylon Media has provided production services to some of the biggest names in their industry. 

Acura, Amazon, Arista Records, BET (106 & Park, BET News, BET.com, specials, Rap City, Access Granted, creative services and development), BMG, BMW, Complex, Def Jam Records, Dr. Oz, Eastern, Essence, Fitness Magazine, Foot Action, Franchise Entertainment, Fubu Films, FUSE Network, GAME Girls, Institute for Civic Leadership, Interactive One, J Records, JYD Change The World Movement, Kodak, Live N Direct Entertainment, Madison Square Garden, MSNBC (Advertising & Promotions), MTV (TRL, Say What Karaoke, VMA Specials, MADE, My Super Sweet 16, Marketing, Development, MTV Home Entertainment, Overdrive), NIKE, Paramount, Priority Records, Rapnetwork.com, Roc a fella Records & Film, Rolling Stone, SFX Sports Group, SOHH.com, SONY Entertainment Television, SNY, the Heritage Network, TIDAL, Time Warner Cable, Uniworld Group, Universal Music Group, Universal Pictures, VH1, 
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