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From The Hoods To The Woods

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The first time I met Deka, I was riding solo at
Mountain Creek and he had a couple of kids
with him.  Deka was an ambassador from the
first day I met him as he invited me to ride
with him and the Hoods To Woods crew.  I have
always been excited for the growth of Hoods To
Woods, but I cannot wait to cop that Russell
Winfield and Virgil Abioh RIDE snowboard
with some of the proceeds going to the
Hoods to Woods Foundation.

Phylon J

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Anna Taylor.

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Daniel Johnson


If you live in New York City and you are a skier or snowboarder, one of the biggest Metropolis Mountain Get Together happens when Ovrride and Hoods To Woods host their annual fundraiser to help more kids get access to the mountains.

It's a sight to see and its great to see all the old snow buddies re-connect, tell war stories of mountain adventures and speak on upcoming mountains one plans to visit for the upcoming season.  

Hoods To Woods


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