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They Just Wanted To Make Splitboarding FUN.

It's funny how one meets people.  Who knew that
just by being yourself, you are allowed to meet and 
spend time with some of the innovators of an 
industry.  I had met Mike, of Karakorum at my 
first OR Show in 2019.  A year later, I'm walking
out the convention center when I hear someone
say, that dude is the most stoked person I have
every met about snowboarding.  I turned around
and he was talking about me.  We had spoken
the year before and I wanted to know more
about Karakorum.

Phylon J

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Anna Taylor.

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Daniel Johnson

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I remember when I first began searching for a splitboard set-up, I came across Karakorum, but when I saw the price, it was easy to make Sparks R and D work.  And don't get me wrong, my Spark R and D set-up has held me down for a long time, but when I met the boys at Karakorum and heard their story, it was easy to see a pattern.

And I thought this when I would watch the latest Teton Gravity Research movie when I saw Karakorum in the credits.  They told me how they were just on a mission to make the transition (which can be painfully grueling in some conditions) smoother.  And when they explained their backgrounds (a lot of engineers) and I learned they were just like me, people who love the backcountry and like to safely get into it.  After hanging out, I consider the Karakorum crew part of the whitepowderruns family.  Hopefully, I can head their way one day and get some turns with them in their back yard.  Until then, even though I have not ridden their bindings, I know they are superior.  Why?  Because every snowboarder hiking that I run into using them have nothing but raving reviews.

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